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Leaders of Tomorrow!

SMC’s driving force has always been the youth. Our youth are capable students from both public and private higher learning institutions. SMC is a place for successful people – for those who want success whether a graduate or an undergraduate. SMC believes that given the right guidance and direction, the youth have the potential to reach great heights.

SMC has now begun the journey to embark on a noble mission to reach out to the undergraduates, in particular Indians to make them realise and use the power within to give back to the community.

As such, about 300 UNITEN students gathered at the Sri Renganathar Temple in Kajang on 11 June 2013. Co-organised by UNITEN Indian Cultural Society (UNICS), like-minded Indian graduates came together to share their views and opinions about shaping the direction of the community.

First of the many gatherings planned with driven youngsters nationwide, SMC in collaboration with UNICS will be organizing seminars for students from Klang Valley free of charge. 200 Thevaram books will also be sponsored by SMC for UNICS to utilize in their future activities.

The community will reap the seeds that SMC has sowed. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow!