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2013: Indians come together for change.

Millions around the world congregated ceremoniously praying for prosperity and asking for better lives for the New Year last weekend.

In the midst of these, 12 000 people came together in 24 places across Malaysia with dignified mindset and sturdy goals.

No cries from the poor. No demands from the government. The brink of the New Year saw parents and children come together in Sri Murugan Centre to begin their divine journey towards realising the Sakthi within to reach greater heights.

Days before the new academic year, the children of SMC pledged a silent vow to explore their innate potential and strive for academic excellence in 2013.

The principles that all are created EQUAL, all have been endowed with the SAME Intellectual capability and faith in RELIGION is imperative for success embody a whole philosophy that has acted as a dynamic agent of change for SMC for the last 30 years.

As SMC steps into 31 years of immeasurable success, the Indian community in Malaysia are revved to see positive changes in their families come New Year.

Happy New Year from Sri Murugan Centre.

The Best Is Yet To Come.