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Kalvi Saathanai

In the year 2003, Sri Murugan Centre started an experiment in Kuala Lumpur Centre. It was on a new and innovative method on encouraging students to study on their own initiative and effort. The experiment was a success. Our hypotheses became theory. It was our achievement, our Saathanai.

The experiment was aimed at searching for the motivating factor among students. Everywhere, we hear students moan at the mention of studying because they find it dry and boring. Mere reading, taking down notes and doing exercises may not be the cup of tea for some especially in subjects that they are weak in.

Sri Murugan Centre understood the need to bring an element of joy into studying. Hence, the concept of Kalvi Saathanai was introduced.

Saathanai, meaning Achievement is aimed at making the students to study own their own initiative by making them feel the pride of being a winner, getting prizes and being clapped and cheered for.

Firstly, students sit for an hour exam paper. After completing that, immediately the papers are marked and simultaneously a discussion on the paper that they just sat for will be conducted by a teacher. After that, the results are announced! No where in the world, the result of an examination is announced immediately after sitting for it. It happens only in Sri Murugan Centre! What more, the top scorers are awarded with badges and of them three winners are chosen by asking them any questions. The fastest three of them are the grand winners.

Prizes are given to them and the cheers and joy fill the air. Moreover, it becomes an event to look for because it is opportunity for them to win the badges and come to centres with their tie or dress decorated by the badges. They feel very proud to show off the many badges they won from previous sessions. Parents are even more overjoyed to see their children studying very hard, on their own effort, anticipating for the next Saathanai session. Motivated by this, they come forward every week to sponsor prizes and food to students.

Though this may be the general principle of Saathanai, organisers and teachers in centres actually implement other creative ideas to make the sessions more lively and creative. More than just three are given prizes and opportunity is given to all students to win.

From Kuala Lumpur, the Kalvi Saathanai has now traveled up north Ipoh and Butterworth and down south Johor Bahru. Every week, our children are studying very hard. And every week, they are awarded.