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Trisloka - The Abode of Education

While the whole nation was welcoming the Chinese Snake Year on 10 February 2013, more than 1000 parents of SMC Brickfields parents gathered at the Girls Guide’s Hall to usher in new hopes and aspirations for their children

Our ancient Hindu tradition has assigned three Deities to represent the importance of education; they are the Trisloka Goddess Saraswati, Lord Murugan and Lord Ganesha.The Indian culture places Education at the core of its beliefs and parents play a vital role in constructing their children’s future this was the core of Trisloka.

The 3 Mantras of Education was explained in depth by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. M. Thambirajah. The importance of establishing a peaceful living condition at home to nurture the child’s capability was also stressed.

The morning’s event was started with the vibrant speeches of SMC leaders as Mr A.Sathia, Mr. S. Ganesan and Ms Rajeswary. Parents present were inspired to have hope and conviction in their children. SMC will guide the Indian children to discover their potentials to progress in their life. Mr. M. Tharma Raj, Coordinator of SMC Brickfields called upon the parents to be the guiding lantern to their children. The little sacrifices that the family makes for the child will bring about enormous changes in them.

SMC is an establishment that has been conjuring successful Indians for the last 30 years. The role of the parent in a child’s growth has always been emphasized. Gatherings of thousands of Indian adults from across the socioeconomic level such as this shows that Education is imperative and SMC will always play a crucial part in building this nation’s human capital value through Education.