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Kalvi Yathirai

Yathirai or pilgrimage is a Sanskrit word which means journey to a holy place. The pilgrimage is undertaken for various reasons: to carry out a vow, appease a deity in the face of misfortune as an act of thanksgiving, to seek good health, deliverance from sin, rebirth in heaven, for welfare of deceased ancestors or as an act of devotion.

From ancient times devotees of all faiths have traveled difficult paths over long periods of time under severe conditions to perform pilgrimage. The ancient Egyptians went on pilgrimage to the Pyramids to seek miracles and supernatural help. As early as the 2nd century AD Christian pilgrims journeyed from Europe to the Holy Land at Jerusalem . The pilgrimage to the Holy Land was made famous by the Christian pilgrims of the mediaeval times. Modern Christian pilgrims visit St. Peter's in Rome, Turin in Italy, Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal and many other holy places associated with saints and festivals. Muslim pilgrims are only too well known.

Buddhists in India make pilgrimages to Lumbini the birth place of Lord Buddha and other religious sites such as Bogh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajagrha and Temple of Tooth, Kandy in Sri Lanka.

Pilgrimage by Hindus had become a way of life from Vedic times. The religious sites were usually a holy river. a mountain, a temple in a place made sacred through association with deity or saint Kurukshetra, the site of the epic battle, is a site for pilgrims. The River Ganges with its many holy places along its banks is very sacred to pilgrims. In South India the Temples draw large numbers of devotees. The sacred to mention a few, are Tirupathi, Kasi, Palani, Madurai , Thiruchandur, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari and Samayapura.

The devotees undertake the pilgrim for very personal reasons related to themselves or their families. At the site of pilgrimage, each pilgrim performs his own act of devotion either shaving their head or making an offering or merely praying.

Yathirai, therefore, is as old as our Hindu Civilization. SMC has adopted this journey inherited from the past for a voyage for the future of our children. All pilgrims will pray for their own children and all the other children who have gathered there. Thus a Child at SMC's Kalvi Yathirai receives the prayers of thousands present there.

The mental and physical preparation of the devotees is crucial for the success of the Kalvi Yathirai. All students will be requested to observe vegetarian diet for 7 days before the Yathirai i.e beginning from July 27, 2014. When they enter the vicinity of SMC's Kalvi Yathirai they will be in an accurate frame of mind and body to receive the blessings and energy of Lord Murugan Himself.