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The Philosophy

3 Core believes of SMC, the followers of SMC adhere to 3 believes

  • That all are created EQUAL.
  • That all have been endowed with the SAME Intellectual capability.
  • That faith in RELIGION is imperative for success in education and life.

These simple principles embody a whole philosophy that has acted as a dynamic agent of change. A belief in equality bestows upon the person a respect for fellow beings and above all a profound respect for himself. He does not tremble at the sight of a superior nor despise an inferior. He views with a balanced non-partisan attitude merits, strengths and. weaknesses of each individual. No individual is type-cast along categories of caste, socio-economic background, sub-ethnic group or employment. Every person is a unique human being with the same strengths, weaknesses and potential to rise through his will or fall through ignorance.

The belief that every child at birth is endowed with the same intelligence is the driving force behind the SMC youth, teachers, organisers and supporters. They are imbued with the conviction that any child touched with love, affection and care and guided by the accurate method to studies can perform as well as any other child anywhere in the world. This is a core belief held with the same favour as fundamental religious doctrines we practice.

The are dissidents of the above who propound, that hereditary factors determine the intellectual capacity and that a child is predetermined at birth ,as to whether he is brilliant or weak. It is to be admitted that there are differences in capacity but there are as few Einstein's in this world as there are people who can complete the 100 meters dash below 10 seconds. The vast majority of human beings fall in between and the difference between them is minimal or non-existent.

Human beings unlike plants and animals have the capacity to choose what they want to be. In SMC we belief that if a child elects to be a brilliant and successful person he has the innate, god-given talents to achieve whatever he desires. There are absolutely no obstacles to his ambition except himself.

The believes in equality as an individual and similarity in hereditary powers is brought to fore and internalised by a firm belief in religion. SMC holds that a child cannot achieve his full potential unless he has faith in the principles of religion. There are some doctrines, axioms, truths, canons and tenets he must accept with faith and practice without question to succeed in life. Only religion can impart these. In order to understand, accept and practice religious teachings one needs discipline. The discipline derived from religion will permeate one's actions and give results in all endeavors including education. Hence, SMC emphasis on religion as the way to education.